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As the world starts to head towards more natural and greener outlook, many of our industries like the beauty industry are following. We find many of our labels boasting the use of this natural vitamin, that type of mineral and a vast array of wholesome ingredients that sound like they should be able to create miracles with every application.



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HERBAL AKTIV PEEL® by Alex Cosmetic


HERBAL AKTIV PEEL® by Alex Cosmetic is a skin resurfacing treatment based entirely on dried, crushed herbs. A biological method of skin resurfacing. It has a 50-year history of high levels of safety combined with significant results for a wide range of skin conditions.



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Basic Guide to Detox


With summer on the way, springtime is the perfect time to give your body a bit of a tune up.  Those hearty winter meals were great for sustaining us through the cold winter months, but that extra insulation and the inevitable reduction in our exercise regime means that now is the time for a ‘Spring Clean’.

The purpose of a detox is to remove the additional ‘stresses’ we place on our bodies through our sometimes toxic lifestyles:  smoking, alcohol, poor dietary habits like regular intake of sugars, saturated fats, trans fats and processed foods, excessive caffeine and a lack of exercise to name the most common.



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Can ‘organic’ colour really cut it?


In recent years there has been a surge in the number of hair colouring brands claiming to be natural and organic.  The benefits of using such products are compelling for salon professionals and their clients, because they promise reduced risk of illness and allergic reactions more commonly experienced with other brands.  However, many salon owners have resisted the changeover to ?organic? because of a perception that these cleaner products don’t perform as well as the big-name brands.



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